First blog post EVER

Hey everyone, welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy what you read!

So I figured for today I could tell you a few little facts about myself!

5 Random ass facts about ME:

  1. I have lived in over five different places! Yeah, I moved a lot when I was in my teens, but I have actually lived in the same state now for ten years, which means my wanderlust is on fire right now.
  2. I have been married for four years to a great guy. Honestly, I never thought I would get married, I am very independent. Luckily for me I found a guy who is also very independent and we just work, you know?!?
  3. I love Elephants! I have a shit ton of elephant knick knacks in my house. I am very easy to shop for during holidays and for my birthday and shit.
  4. I have 6 siblings! But to be totally honest, there are 3 step brothers, 2 half brothers and a full sister. My sister and I are super close, she is amazing.
  5. I have four dogs! I use to have two cats too but, unfortunately, they both passed away this year, which sucked! My dogs are The Hubs’ and my fur babies!

If you want to know some more about me please ask me a question in the comments!