Weekly Fave Five: Books

This week we are going to do books because I am a huge bookworm and I thought I should share some great books that I have read recently. I am going to try to include a bunch of different genres and books for different moods.

Weekly Fave Five Books:

  • Jenny Mollen is hilarious and I have actually read both of her books but I prefer “I Like You Just the Way I am” because it is super hilarious. If you need a fun read that will make you laugh out loud this is the book for you, I promise.


  • This next book is one of the best books I read this summer. It is fun, cute and funny. “My Lady Jane” is a fantasy historical fiction novel that is so much fun to read and it is a quick read.


  • I have recently gotten into non-fiction and I had never read a book about Mary Queen of Scots so I bought the following book and it was very interesting and informative. I am a huge anglophile so I love any history that involves Great Britain.


  • So this book is very specific, if you have read (or will read) Sherlock Holmes this book helps explain methodology and references. I really enjoyed it because I have read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I really recommend this book for Sherlock fans, it is really in depth and fascinating.


  • Ok guys this is a very weird but amazing book. It is about working at a crematorium and it is so fascinating. She really dives into the death industry and what she feels it should be like versus what it is currently like. It is also very interesting because you watch the author grow as she is writing the book. I really loved this book but if you are squeamish then I don’t know if you will be able to handle some of the things in this book.



Ok that was this week’s fave five. Let me know if you have read any of these books or any books that you really love in the comments below.



P.S. This is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinions.




Weekly Fave Five

Ok everyone here are the five things that I found this past week on The Interwebz that I absolutely love or think are absolutely ridiculous, enjoy.


  1. Ok so the first thing, technically, isn’t really a website but it is awesome and you should totally check it out. It is a podcast called My Perfect Murder, that my friend Jessy told me about. It is not only about true crime, which is freaking terrific, but it is also funny! So I have left the link to listen to it through iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/my-favorite-murder-karen-kilgariff/id1074507850?mt=2
  2. This one is a youtube channel that you have to follow, its called Threadbanger (link below). They are two great shows on this page called Man vs. Pin and Corrine Vs. Pin and they are AMAZE-BALLS!! I am totally addicted and, again, I have to thank Jessy! She knows all the cool things. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBMxQPhfM6nkhQ8vPfQhkCg
  3. This next one is one of my favorite websites, its called Atlasobscura.com. It is about all the amazingly weird places you can travel all over the world. They also have really interesting articles about different travel locales. Check it out, it will suck you in F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
  4. Ok if you haven’t heard of this next lady then you will most likely need to get out a bit more, just a bit, don’t freak. The lady I am referring to is the one and only The Bloggess. She is funny, smart and discusses mental illness in a way that makes all of us who suffer from anxiety and/or depression feel less alone and a little less crazy. She has also written two amazing books, if you like her blog then I highly recommend both of them.
  5. As a chronic pain warrior I am constantly looking for awesome websites for spoonies and I recently found this awesome one (below). If you are a chronic pain or chronic illness warrior then check this awesome website. http://www.chronically-awesome.com

Please let me know if you like any of the links or if you have some awesome sites on the Interwebz you think people should check out.